Seichim Healing Energy is an energy discovered in the Pyramids by Patrick Zeigler. Seichim Healing Energy is connected to the Universal Seichim Symbols of Egypt and the Heart

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posted Wed January 19th 2011 @ 9:16 PM

This is Patrick Zeigler, I am currently contacting as many Seichim, Seichem and Sekhem Teachers and Practitioners to let them know about a Seichim, Seichem and Sekhem Reunion. This will be the first official reunion for those teaching Seichim, Seichem or Sekhem (SKHM). The reunion is also open to anyone who wants to connect with our SKHM family. I am currently doing a search on Google to help locate as many people so we can have a successful Reunion. The Reunion is scheduled to take place on 12:12:2012. in Egypt. Please help us spread the word. To read and/or listen to the complete article, you must be logged in. See below.

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